Best twelve minutes I’ve ever spent

the creepiest, most awesome man in hollywood.

just finished watching part one of nymphomaniac. i liked it. it’s raw. of course i was beyond excited as the movie started and ended with this delicious rammstein song. you should know by now that i fucking adore rammstein. for your enjoyment i looked up the english translation of the song, which is spot on, here. so goddamn sexy, if you ask me. 

from me for me. 

this guy si 32 y/o and he participated last night on romania’s got talent. he can basically fly. plus, he’s hot as hell. 

my city - nice shit. i see this nice shit daily. 


For Sublimistika

i love her and this as much as i love beer. 


Greatest porn intro ever

I should have watched this sooner.

james deen and the lemon stealing whores. fantastic. 


The Journey Of The Doge: Episode 1

for later. and later again, and again and again. 

Henry. whenever henry speaks i pay attention. that’s how i know he’s quality. because he makes me pay attention. 

james is god. and this is superb.